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A single source of reference, collaboration & truth for evidence-based healthcare technology news, data, and education.

HDMgroup About

HDMgroup creates clarity through evidence-based, solution-focused content.


HDMgroup is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit company

HDMgroup was established in partnership with Health Sciences South Carolina to bring clarity and ease of access to disparate sources of knowledge and education in healthcare through the trusted foundation of Health Data Management.

Our community of healthcare professionals is connected through a common desire to educate, learn, mentor and share resources for understanding, creating, adopting and optimizing healthcare technologies as the industry increasingly transforms around the Quadruple Aim as it now stands, and in the near future, as we foresee the components of the Quadruple Aim evolving and being re-imagined.

Vision Mission Purpose

To be a single source of reference for unbiased, trusted and evidence-based knowledge for improving patient health and delivery of care through the application of advanced computing and related digital health technologies.

To provide clarity of information for healthcare professionals, working teams and organizations making decisions across the healthcare ecosystem in efforts to achieve the Quadruple Aim, pursue healthcare equity and optimize related digital health strategies.

To inform, educate and enable improved patient care and operational excellence through technology adoption, management and optimization; and to promote collaborative leadership and open access to content among healthcare providers, payers, academics and innovators.

Reimagining the Quadruple Aim

Healthcare delivery and reimbursement is evolving rapidly, out of necessity. Industry players are taking on new responsibilities in a changing and reforming healthcare environment, particularly as the industry transitions to new priorities embodied by the Quadruple Aim of a nationwide, efficient and effective care delivery system.

In this continuous evolution, technology matures and delivers on the full promise to support healthcare delivery improvement. A reimagined Quadruple Aim driving healthcare for years to come

The Need: An unmet need for trusted, easy-access information focused on innovation in practice


With no single source gathering and disseminating crucial information from lessons learned, healthcare leadership teams have been forced to rely on siloed sources of information from disparate publications, research firms, associations, influencers and self-selected email lists.

“Today, there is not one source of information I can go to. I have to use a cocktail of information outlets, coupled with a listserv that I have subscribed to that was started by a desperate ER doc who was trying to solve some problems on his own. I know others out there have solved problems I am encountering; it’s just so hard to find the information and people who can help.”

Chief Medical Information Officer of a nationally recognized Health System

The Solution: A new purpose for a respected 25-year-old brand – Health Data Management. An even brighter beacon guiding healthcare forward.

HDMgroup has a new mission for Health Data Management, a respected brand that has been a beacon for the industry for nearly three decades. For years, Health Data Management has been a trusted source for the latest news and trends in the health IT industry. Under new stewardship, it’s rebirth establishes The Single Source for clear, evidence-based information for chief clinical informaticists and their teams now leading the digital transformation of healthcare.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who owns HDM?

    HDM is owned by HDMgroup in partnership with Health Sciences South Carolina, and it is operated by the founders of HDMgroup. The HealthDataManagement.com community is guided by industry leaders from every walk of healthcare and technology. This Board of Advisors directs efforts toward the goal of keeping the Quadruple Aim at the forefront, guiding our decisions, collaborations, challenges and solutions to make HDM your single source of truth for digital health adoption and healthcare technology optimization.

  • What does HDM hope to accomplish?

    Our journey to the Quadruple Aim is steadfast; focused on better patient care solutions. HDM is your map to finding actionable knowledge, removing barriers of siloed and disorganized information, and engaging with trusted educational resources, mentors and best practices. HDM is your guide on the journey to realizing the Quadruple Aim.

  • How does HDM gather and disseminate content?

    HDM enables companies to connect, interact and engage around trusted content curated on a single platform from vetted sources. Through its user community, healthcare leadership advisory board and strategic partnerships, HDM collects and distributes essential industry data to educate healthcare executives, clinicians and their teams relative to analysis of healthcare trends, adoption of meaningful technologies, and implementation of purposeful strategies in digital health transformation and patient care.

  • How does HDM select partners?

    We seek purpose-based partnerships to support our mission and provide reliable information. HDM will partner with organizations and other trusted sources in areas that are crucial to the future improvement of healthcare. These collaborations will collectively amplify our own and our partners’ messages. Our shared voices will provide deeper content, communications support, and advice among and through our respective and collective audiences.

    Where possible, HDM will seek to act as a convener to connect industry organizations on projects or initiatives that previously would be siloed within single organizations.

  • Why is it important to share information?

    Trusted information is currently fragmented, siloed and disorganized, spread among multiple disparate resources. Curating contextually significant information into a single highly organized and accessible platform equips healthcare executives, their teams and their organizations to more efficiently find and consume knowledge for more informed decision making about how advanced computing and digital health practices can be applied to achieve the Quadruple Aim envisioned for new and varying care delivery environments.

    HDM connects the dots among these currently fragmented, siloed and disorganized information sources, and we organize it into a single source of truth – an open platform for fact-based, objective content – increasing user efficiency in seeking and sorting through the vast education and information resources available in healthcare technology learning.

    As part of this effort, the HDM platform gives strength in voice to healthcare experts, trusted sources, professional organizations and the HDM user community, sharing data-driven knowledge around topics and technologies of anticipated growth in advanced computing powering digital health adoption, clinician efficiency and access to care.

  • How does HDM bridge education and industry?

    With its partners, HDM supports and offers educational services, events and platforms, providing healthcare organizations greater access to real-world evidence in learning and best practices from organizations that have achieved efficiencies in clinical practice through technology optimization, advanced analytics and findings from evidence-based data. It is our intent to continuously leverage contemporary learning applications and approaches to help current and future leaders.

  • How do I become an HDM partner or sponsor?

    HDMgroup is unique in the industry as a mission-based information source. We’re looking for similarly-minded organizations with a commitment to shared resources and knowledge for advancing healthcare’s digital evolution. For further information on opportunities, use the contact form, or reach out directly.

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    Mitchell Josephson

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    Fred Bazzoli

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    Rich West